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Colonels Island Colonels Island Ga 38 at Kings Road on Colonel's Island 1996 Fair
Dorchester Village The village of Dorchester was settled in 1843, by families from Midway and Sunbury. It was named for the Dorchesters in England, Massachusetts and South Carolina, ancestral homes of the Midway people. Among the early settlers of the village were: Captain Abiel Winn, Captain Cyrus Mallard, Dr. Edward J. Delegal, B.S. Busbee, W.S. Baker, Dr. Benjamin King, William Thompson, John L. Mallard, Thomas Mallard, Benjamin Allen, Dr. Troup Maxwell, William Stevens, Henry Jones and Dr. Raymond Harris. Dorchester Village 1957 Excellent
Flemington Presbyterian Church

Flemington Pre

Flemington 1957
Gum Branch Baptist Church Gumbranch Hwy 196 W
Bacon-Fraser House

The Bacon-Fras

Hinesville Court St 1996
Blue Star Memorial Highway

Blue Star Memo

Bradwell Institute

Bradwell Insti

Hinesville 1998 Good
Bradwell Park

Bradwell Park<

Hinesville 1974
Charlton Hines House

Charlton Hines

Hinesville 1998
Fort Morris Cannon Hinesville Liberty County Historic Courthouse