Historical Markers

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Colonels Island Colonels Island Ga 38 at Kings Road on Colonel's Island
Dorchester Village Dorchester Village
Flemington Presbyterian Church Flemington The Ricketsons
Gum Branch Baptist Church Gumbranch Hwy 196 W
Bacon-Fraser House Hinesville Court St HDDA
Blue Star Memorial Highway Hinesville
Bradwell Institute Hinesville Lee Family
Bradwell Park Hinesville The Heritage Bank
Charlton Hines House Hinesville
Fort Morris Cannon Hinesville Liberty County Historic Courthouse The LCPC
Harrison Family Cemetery Hinesville Sherwood Drive in Hinesville The Ricketsons
Hinesville Methodist Church Hinesville Dollie
Liberty Armory Site Hinesville
Liberty County Hinesville The LCPC
Old Liberty County Jail Hinesville S. Main St. 1 Block South of the Courthouse The Heritage Bank
Pleasant Grove AME Church Hinesville 1450 Oglethorpe Hwy W (US 84)
Skirmish at Hinesville Hinesville Hwy 84 W @ Ryon Ave CVB/Leah
Button Gwinnett Midway US 17 @ the Midway Church
Dorchester Academy Midway Hwy 84
Dorchester Academy Boy's Midway Hwy 84