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Name Harrison Family Cemetery

Although the gravestones have been destroyed by weathering and vandalism, it is believed that about a dozen people are buried in this family cemetery. William Harrison died March 30, 1883, in the 72nd year of his age. His wife, Sarah Sylvester Smith Harrison (born c. 1819) was born in Providence, Rhode Island. On January 4, 1886, Mrs. Sarah Harrison and six surviving children, heirs at law of the late William Harrison, agreed that part of the proceeds from collectible notes and accounts should be used for the purpose of erecting stones at the grave of William Harrison, deceased, and putting up a substantial enclosure around the family cemetery.

Four of their children, William C. (born c. 1842), Nicholas F. (born c. 1844), Mary C. (born c. 1846), and Anna (born c. 1852), who apparently preceded their parents in death, may have been buried here. Their son, William L. Harrison (c.1859-1890) is probably interred here, also. William Harrison operated one of the earliest mercantile stores in Hinesville and served as Hinesville postmaster and Liberty county treasurer.

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Area Hinesville
Location Sherwood Drive in Hinesville
Website http://georgiainfo.galileo.usg.edu/topics/historical_markers/county/liberty/harrison-family-cemetery
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Date Placed 1998
Adopted by The Ricketsons
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