NamePhoto 1Photo DatePhoto byPhoto 2AreaLocationWebsiteDate PlacedPlaced ByTypeAdopted byStatus
Colonels IslandPhoto 1Colonels IslandGa 38 at Kings Road on Colonel's Island"1996"Liberty County Historical SocietyFree Standing
Dorchester VillageDorchester Village="1957"Free StandingRefurbished 2015
Flemington Presbyterian ChurchPhoto 101/20/2009David SeibertFlemington875 Old Sunbury Rd"1957"Georgia Historical CommissionFree Standing
Reverend Joseph WilliamsPhoto 1Freedman GroveHwy 17 and Freedman Grove Rd
Gum Branch Baptist ChurchPhoto 1Gumbranch8590 GA Highway 196 W"1996"Liberty County Historical SocietyFree Standing
Bacon-Fraser HousePhoto 1Hinesville208 E Court St"1996"Liberty County Historical SocietyFree Standing
Blue Star Memorial HighwayPhoto 1Hinesville Standing
Bradwell InstitutePhoto 108/03/2012David SeibertHinesville100 Pafford St"1998"Liberty County Historical SocietyFree Standing
Bradwell ParkPhoto 107/01/2008Mike StroudHinesville"1974"Liberty County Garden Garden Clubs and HUDFree Standing
Charlton Hines HousePhoto 1Hinesville101 W Court St"1998"Liberty County Historical SocietyFree Standing
Fort Morris CannonPhoto 107/01/2008Mike StroudHinesvilleLiberty County Historic Courthouse"1958"Georgia Historical CommissionFree Standing
Harrison Family CemeteryPhoto 108/03/2012HinesvilleSherwood Drive in Hinesville"1998"Liberty County Historical Society.Free Standing
Hinesville and Liberty County WWII Veterans MonumentPhoto 102/18/2011Lee HattabaughHinesvilleGeorgia National Guard Armory Site
Hinesville Methodist ChurchHinesville203 N Main St"1998"Liberty County Historical Society.Free Standing
Liberty Armory SitePhoto 107/01/2000Mike StroudHinesville"1954"Georgia Historical CommissionFree Standing
Liberty CountyPhoto 107/01/2008Mike StroudHinesville"1956"Georgia Historical CommissionFree Standing
Liberty County Confederate Monument 1861-1865Photo 107/01/2008Mike StroudHinesvilleHistoric Couthouse Square County Chapter, United Daughters of the ConfederacyMonument
M1A1 90mm Anti-Aircraft GunPhoto 102/18/2011Lee HattabaughPhoto 2HinesvilleNational Guard Armory Site Free Standing
Old Liberty County JailPhoto 102/18/2011Lee HattabaughHinesvilleS. Main St. 1 Block South of the Courthouse"1998"Liberty County Historical Society.Free Standing
Pleasant Grove AME ChurchPhoto 1Hinesville1450 Oglethorpe Hwy W (US 84)"2003"Liberty County Historical SocietyFree Standing
Skirmish at HinesvillePhoto 1HinesvilleHwy 84 W @ Ryon Ave"1958"Georgia Historical CommissionFree Standing
Athletic Programs at Dorchester Academy 1926-1940Photo 1MidwayDorchester Academy (Midway) Free Standing
Button GwinnettPhoto 107/02/2008Mike StroudMidwayUS 17 @ the Midway Church"1954"Georgia Historical CommissionFree Standing
Civil Liberties at Dorchester Cooperative CenterPhoto 1MidwayDorchester Academy (Midway) Free Standing
Dorchester AcademyPhoto 101/04/2009MidwayDorchester Academy (Midway)"1983"Georgia Historical SocietyFree Standing
Dorchester Academy Boy'sPhoto 101/04/2009Mike StroudMidwayDorchester Academy (Midway)"1990"Georgia Historical SocietyFree Standing
Dorchester Presbyterian ChurchPhoto 107/02/2008MidwaySouth 0.3 miles from Ga 38, 5.8 miles east of Midw"1957"Georgia Historical CommissionFree StandingRefurbished 2015
Dr Lyman HallPhoto 1MidwayHwy 17 at the Midway Church of the American Colonists.Free Standing
Elizabeth B. Moore07/15/2008Mike StroudMidwayHwy 84"2004"City of FlemingtonPlaque Free Standing
General James Screven Killed in Battle HerePhoto 101/01/2008Mike StroudMidwayHwy 17 South"1957"Georgia Historical CommissionFree StandingNeeds Refurbishing
Hall's KnollPhoto 101/01/2008Mike StroudMidwayHwy 17 North, Midway GA"1954"Georgia Historical CommissionFree Standing
Kilpatrick and Mower at Midway ChurchPhoto 1Midway
Midway ChurchMidwayUS 17 and Martin Rd"1930"
Midway Congregational ChurchPhoto 1MidwayHwy 17 @ The Midway Church
Midway MuseumPhoto 1MidwayHwy 17="1990"
Nathan BrownsonMidwayUS 17 at Midway Church, Midway="1992"
New Life For Dorchester Academy 1932-1940Photo 1MidwayDorchester Academy (Midway)"2004"City of FlemingtonPlaque Free Standing
Old Sunbury RoadMidwayUS 17 at Midway Church="1956"
Road to SunburyMidwayUS 17/Ga 25 at Midway Church, Midway
Savannah New Inverness Road 1736Photo 107/02/2008Mike StroudMidwayUS 17 opposite Midway Church, Midway - 1940Works Progress AdministrationFree Standing
Sunbury and Fort MorrisPhoto 110/23/2019MidwayThe intersection of Hwy 17 & Hwy 84="1957"GHC
Susie King Taylor (1848-1912)Photo 1Midway(Hwy 17) 672 North Coastal Highway, Midway GA 31320"2019"Georgia Historical Society, Waters Foundation, Inc., and the Susie King SuFree StandingNew
The Rev Mr John OsgoodMidwayIntersection of (U.S. 17) and Martin Street, on the right when traveling so="1957"Georgia Historical CommissionFree StandingNew
Union Brotherhood SocietyPhoto 1Photo 2MidwayHolmestown Road"2007"Liberty County Historical Society
Taylors Creek Methodist ChurchPhoto 1Old Fort Stewart
First African Baptist ChurchPhoto 1RiceboroGa. 119 at Barrington Ferry Rd, west of U.S. 17="1996"Liberty County Historical Society
Lambert PlantationPhoto 1RiceboroHwy 17"1994"The Executors and Trustees
Leconte Botanical Gardens06/10/2020RiceboroHwy 17 & Sandy Run Rd"1954"Georgia Historical CommissionFree Standing
Old Post RoadPhoto 1Riceboro 3, 1950
RiceboroughPhoto 1Riceboro"1957"
Simon MunroPhoto 1RiceboroShell and Briar Bay Rd"1958"Georgia Historical CommissionFree Standing
Skirmish in Bulltown SwampPhoto 1RiceboroHwy 17 near I-95 Interchange"1957"Georgia Historical Society
William Bartram TrailPhoto 1RiceboroBarrington Ferry Rd., South of Sandy Run Rd, South of RiceboroThe Oleander District in Cooperation with the Garden Club of Georgia, InMissing
Woodmanston PlantationPhoto 107/08/2008Mike StroudRiceboro"1996"Liberty County Historical SocietyFree Standing
Fort MorrisPhoto 1Sunbury
Saint John's Lodge Number SixSunburySunbury Historic Site
SunburySunburySunbury Historic Site"1957"
Sunbury CemeterySunburySunbury Historic Site"1957"
The Dead Town Of SunburySunburyBrigantine Dunsmore Road near Fort Morris Road"1957"Georgia Historical Commission
The Famous Sunbury Masonic OakPhoto 1Photo 2Sunbury
City of WalthourvilleWalthourville"2007"
Walthourville Baptist ChurchPhoto 1Walthourville"2003"Liberty County Historical Society