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Sunbury Sunbury Historic Site 1957
Sunbury Cemetery

Sunbury Cemetery

Sunbury Sunbury Historic Site 1957
The Dead Town Of Sunbury As General James Oglethorpe explored this area along the Medway River in 1734, he marveled at its potential for a seaport city. Captain Mark Carr was a member of Oglethorpe's regiment and an early settler in this area of Georgia. As trade increased in early colonial Georgia, Captain Carr petitioned for a land grant to bring Oglethorpe's idea into reality. He was allotted 500 acres from the King of England. Using this land, Carr established the town of Sunbury in 1758. Carr was an early developer. He laid out lots and public squares here on the Medway River in St. John's Parish. He hoped to sell these lots for a profit. (Click on the weblink for additional information) Sunbury Brigantine Dunsmore Road near Fort Morris Road 1957
The Famous Sunbury Masonic Oak Sunbury
City of Walthourville

City of Waltho

Walthourville 2007
Walthourville Baptist Church

Walthourville Baptist

Walthourville 2003