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Name Charlton Hines House

One of the first houses built in Hinesville after the town was established and became the county seat of Liberty County in 1837 was that of Charlton Hines, a state senator and for whom the town was named. This house, considerably altered, was built in 1837 on town lot number 33, which faced the Court House. Hines paid sixty-one dollars for this lot.

After Hines' death the house was occupied by his son and was later used as the Hines Hotel. In 1941 the house was moved from its location on Main (originally Market) Street to its present location and converted into apartments. Later it was completely remodeled and used as offices.

The house originally was much larger than it now is and had a piazza across the front. Only the central part of the original house is still standing. An interesting feature of the 1837 interior was a ceiling medallion in the parlor.

Erected 1998 by The Liberty County Historical Society.

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Area Hinesville
Website https://www.hmdb.org/m.asp?m=41645
Date Placed 1998
Placed By Liberty County Historical Society
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Records 9 to 9 of 56